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Basic Information

The need to know information about ICOs

Understand what blockchain is and how it forms the foundation of the ICO community
ICOs are a new way of raising money with more tech companies using the method
Understand how ICOs work and whether they have an exact blueprint
The stages to raising money through an ICO explained
How to identify an ICO scam and why you should know the telltale signs
Discover how airdrops work and you can receive free tokens

Advanced Information

For the ICO Investor who has learnt the Basics

Explained how the 'Know Your Customer' concept can prevent criminal activity
Understand the different token types in this ever evolving industry
Understand token distribution best practices & cryptocurrency wallet options
Find out how to form an ICO team and what experience the founders should have
How telegram and other social media channels have helped developed the ICO community
Discover how regulating ICOs affects the market in different countries
Why whitepapers are imperative to forming the basis of an ICO
Why roadmaps are so important and help investors understand expected milestones
Often mistaken as the same thing, understand the difference between an ICO and a token sale


Useful "How to Guides" for the ICO Community

Investing in ICOs is an attractive prospect because of the potentially huge rewards, however with rewards comes risks. Knowing how to pick a successfull ICO can be difficult, we have broken down the process into criteria we feel it is important to research before taking the plunge
Launching an ICO is becoming a popular means of raising capital for new blockchain company startups. It offers an easy way to generate funds quickly due to limited regulation in the field. The following guide will help you understand the steps required to launch an ICO