ICO Founders

The experience of ICO founders with vary greatly but it is important to understand their background and in turn the team they build around them.

Who starts an ICO?

ICOs are normally conducted by a blockchain startup company. The founders are tech savvy entrepreneurs who feel they have found a gap in the market that blockchain could exploit. Typically the founders team of an ICO will have a broad range of experience. From experience in the field that the ICO is targeting, to full stack developers and blockchain entrepreneurs and marketers.

The team

For the team to function they will need a blockchain developer and it is now becoming more and more common that a lawyer or attorney joins the team to help with legalities and regulation issues. This also helps show an ICOs legitimacy to prospective or early investors.

Doing your research on the founders and the team is an important step when doing your research into an ICO. To avoid the scams, you will have to make sure that the founders are real people and that they have done what they claim they have. Pump and dump schemes will put up a facade so it's important to do your due diligence.

ICO advisors

It's advised to look to see if founders have previous experience in a blockchain based company, you can check their LinkedIn profiles as well as researching their old projects. It is also worth looking into the advisors on the project, these will often be relatively big names within the industry and you can see the other projects they have worked on.

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