ICO Roadmaps

Roadmaps are a way for ICOs to show their future plans and offer a timeframe for when users can expect milestones to be hit.

What is an ICO roadmap?

An ICO roadmap is a simple way of explaining future developments planned for a blockchain platform. The roadmap is typically presented as a chart, with a timeline showing various future milestones. A roadmap should express a confident vision for future development, without being overambitious.

Why meeting roadmap timelines are important

A roadmap usually expresses a general timeline of future events, not specific dates. A new exchange partnership might occur in Q2 2019, for example, not on May 16. A great blockchain company will prove its worth by meeting its roadmap goals on time. There is no way to know, at the beginning, if the company will have this kind of success. But a general knowledge of the company in can educate you about its likelihood of hitting its self-imposed deadlines.

ICO Roadmap

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