Telegram and other Social Channels

Social media plays a huge role in the marketing of ICOs, it helps bring their technology to the masses and Telegram and Slack are the main avenues used alongside leading platforms like twitter and reddit.

ICO communication avenues

ICO companies almost always communicate with their early adopters and potential investors. This is part of marketing - teaching people how the technology functions, and answering investor questions. It also serves to build a strong community, with communication going from ICO leadership to the project’s most interested users. These communications most frequently happen on two messaging platforms: Slack and Telegram.


Telegram is the platform most often used by ICOs today. Users join a Telegram Channel devoted to discussion of the ICO in question. Here, developers, leaders, partners, and users will interact. Questions and statements are normally short, and these communications are sorted chronologically. When someone says something, it goes to the bottom of the screen, and something at the top gets pushed out of view.

Telegram is well suited for lively discourse. Important information is often pinned at the top of the scrolling menu for all to see. Telegram is poorly suited for very large groups. As some ICOs have Telegram channels with thousands of users, statements made on the Telegram channel may only be visible onscreen for a few seconds.


Slack was once the more popular ICO communication solution, and it still has its place for certain ICOs. Slack is a more fully-featured platform than Telegram. It is regularly used by corporations for personal and group discussions in real time. Here, conversation can be broken up into convenient categories like “Development” or “Price Discussion”. The conversation tends to be less cluttered than with Telegram. However, Slack is more vulnerable to fraud. Many fake ICO accounts are made, scamming users out of Bitcoin and other valuable cryptocurrencies.

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Discussion about ICOs also happens on Facebook, Reddit, Bitcointalk Forum, etc. - though not in true real time. A good ICO will have activity in all of these social channels.

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