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South Korean Government May Lift ICO Ban

The ICO remains a controversial topic among the world’s various national governments and it appears South Korea may reverse its ICO ban once and for all.

America Discussed “Light Touch” ICO Regulation

The US Congress is no stranger to the topics of cryptocurrency and ICOs. In general, though, the American government has opted for a gentle regulatory approach

How Much Does a Legit ICO Cost?

ICOs inherently incur costs, platforms must be developed, lawyers consulted, marketing must be put into motion and cybersecurity must be... secure

ICOVO Seeks to Add Legitimacy to ICOs

ICOVO is the first blockchain project to introduce DAICO standards to its fundraising model, the model is one step closer to regulation compliance and more trusted ICOs

Russia’s ICO Trial is a Success |

The central bank of Russia has just tested a successful ICO in controlled conditions. This ties in with Russia's exploration of cryptocurrency and the interest it has shown in a state sponsored coin.

French Regulations May Stimulate ICOs |

The French Minister of Economy and Finance wants to foster the development of "liberated companies"... "better funded, more innovative and fairer", which all bodes well for the crypto and ICO industry in France

IndieGoGo Cancels ICO After Raising $5 Million

While it still seems ironic that IndieGoGo (the crowdfunding platform) was using an ICO to raise funds, this endeavor is now canceled.

How the Crypto Bear Market Is Affecting ICOs

By March 2018, more than $7,300,000,000 had been invested in ICOs. This near doubling of 2017’s ICO totals was astounding, even to the most optimistic investors

EU Parliament Debate ICO Regulation

“Regulating ICOs — Is the Crowdfunding Proposal what we were looking for?” - The event name the EU parliament met to discuss earlier this week.

ICO Investors Become More Discerning During Bear Market |

2017 saw huge investment into the ICO market but since the bear trend started early this year, we've witnessed a decline. Is this everyone getting out or investors becoming wiser?

ICO Fraud Tied to Securities Law in US |

The SEC has ruled against three ICOs from 2017, which now widely effectively accepts the fact that they weer in fact scams. The ruling is one step closer to regulating this industry.

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