Verification have created, and are in the process of developing, a verification process, used to screen every listed ICO. Results are shared alongside each review, providing transparency and insight on each active, upcoming and closed ICO. The verification process is segmented into three themes - transparency, trust, and legitimacy.

TRANSPARENCY check to see if the company details, team, and founders are publicly listed online. The team also check for active social media accounts, as well as an online presence.


Checks are made to determine if the ICO is registered as a secure registry platform; following KYC guidelines.


Reviews are carried out to determine whether listed companies have a suitable ICO intent when they are marketing it. also check for a whitepaper, a roadmap, and token distribution system.

All results from the verification process are clearly communicated next to each listed ICO, enabling users to review, and consider as an investment choice.

When an ICO has met enough criteria to pass our verification process, we display our seal below. does not recommended ICOs to invest in, but does provide services to help you decide which ICO is most suitable for you.